Best Dog Grooming Table Reviews – Top Picks Of 2019

Are you looking for the best dog grooming table? Do you feel that grooming a dog in the salon is expensive? Are you looking for a better solution to this problem? If so, you can purchase the fls for dogs based on your dog needs and within your budget. If you seek any help to choose a right dog-grooming table, then take advantage of the below-mentioned dog grooming table reviews.

2019’s Top 10 Grooming Tables For Dogs

Groomer’s Best Grooming Table for Pets

This pet grooming table made with quality stainless steel on the table top so that it offers high resistant even in contact with water for a longer period. It works silently due to the hydraulic system so that it becomes perfect choice for dogs that scared of the noise.


  • Has 24inch x 42inch heavy duty non-slip top
  • Raises up to 42inches and lowers up to 19inches
  • Easily adjust height using foot pedal
  • Has scissor holes and clipper blade holder on both sides of table top
  • Durable, stable, and affordable


Overall, this grooming table is for perfect groom multiple dogs in a day without any hassle.

Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Electric Motor

Among other grooming tables for large dogs, it offers extra stability and eliminates wobbling. Its motor lifts give you with smooth and easy height adjustments for flexibility and convenience.


  • Comes with electric motor lifts to adjust height from 21.5inches to 41.3inches
  • Features a Z-lift base that offers extra stability
  • Has adjustable grooming arm along with leash
  • Tabletop made of pebbled, rubber, and non-slip plastic composite materials


You can avail this product as fully assembled by the seller. Maintenance and cleaning of this grooming table are easier with the static free surface.

Go Pet Club 36 in. Pet Dog Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Professional Table

This electric grooming table featured with Z-lift because it is designed especially for professional style grooming. However, it can suit for both your home and business. It offers several benefits such as flexibility, convenience, eliminates wobbling, and much more.


  • The table measures 35.5inch in width and 26.5inch in length
  • Has hydraulic foot pump to adjust height
  • Comes with Z-lift base
  • Has adjustable grooming arm


This hydraulic grooming table is perfect for small and medium-sized dogs but not enough for large dogs.  

Professional Table with Grooming Arm Size

This grooming table is a perfect tool used to access when grooming and drying the pet. It has adequate storage space to access easily. As it is constructed with the sturdy wooden material, it is highly recommended for anyone.


  • Sturdy table construction
  • Perfect size grooming table for dogs
  • Made of wood
  • Has arm along with leash
  • Folding type grooming table


If you are searching for folding dog grooming table in the ground, then you can prefer a professional table with grooming arm.

Dog Grooming Table, Adjustable Clamp Overhead Pet Grooming

This dog grooming table is designed with high quality and non-slip pure rubber matting. Its design also supports brackets so that it will take heaviest of pet.


  • Easy to assemble for use and storage
  • Has adjustable clamp overhead pet grooming arm for all dog sizes
  • Non-slip pure rubber matting
  • Scarp resistant and static freeboard
  • Easily portable from one place to another


Purchase this portable dog grooming table to groom your dog at any place and store it easily. Because of the scrap resistant, it is also easy to clean.

Reliancer Large Heavy Duty Foldable Pet Grooming Table

This heavy-duty large dog grooming table comes with rounded deluxe aluminum edges to prevent injury. It builds with high-quality solid construction and its folding legs coated with corrosion free and anti-rust surface.  


  • Waterproof and stable rubber table top
  • Mesh tray and adjustable grooming arm
  • Heavy duty stainless steel folding legs
  • Large weight capacity
  • space saver


You can access this dog-grooming table in any size based on your demands. It meets the professional pet groomers and stylists alliance measures.

48” Foldable Grooming Table Heavy Duty Portable Pet Dog Show Fold

This lightweight and hydraulic dog grooming table is perfect for your dog. It has a sturdy construction, which is made of rust-resistant steel. The table is made with a non-slip surface to ensure pet safety.


  • Hydraulic grooming table with adjustable height
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Rounded edges for safety purposes
  • Heavy-duty steel folding legs
  • Strong steel frame and leg for perfect stability
  • Adjustable neck and arm to hold your pet


With this premium small dog grooming table, you can reach your pet easily for grooming, bathing, trimming, etc.

Flying Pig 32″ Small Size Heavy Duty Foldable Dog Pet Grooming Table

This grooming table frame is made of sturdy and durable steel along with non-skid feet to prevent the table from wobbling. It is also equipped with a non-slip tabletop to ensure pet safety.


  • Comes with adjustable grooming arm, noose, and loop
  • Have storage basket
  • Equipped with flying top quality adjustable and foldable grooming arm
  • Rust resist stainless steel
  • Bone shape texture non-slip rubber table surface


It is another amazing table from Flying Pig Grooming. This heavy-duty and large dog grooming table is designed for professional grooming.

Flying Pig Large Size Super Durable Heavy Duty Dog Pet Foldable Grooming Table

You can use this table as either large or small dog grooming tables depend on your wish. It is because the table is designed to hold up to 330lbs so it is suitable for all dog sizes.


  • Adjustable grooming noose, arm, and loop
  • Has heavy duty floatable and adjustable grooming arm
  • Storage basket to store accessories
  • Sturdy table construction
  • Designed to hold up to 330lbs


This super durable heavy duty dog grooming table is available in both small and medium size.

VEVOR Dog Grooming Table Z-Lift Hydraulic Electric Grooming Table

With the hydraulic system, you can increase your pet height so that you can reach your pet for trimming, bathing, grooming, drying, etc.Features

  • Easy to assemble for convenient storage and use
  • Table ribbed rubber surface to ensure pet safety
  • Z-shaped Hydraulic grooming table
  • Has static freeboard with skid resistance
  • Adjustable heights range from 21.3inches-36.6inches


If you looking for the professional grooming table for your dog, then purchase this Z-lift hydraulic dog grooming table with adjustable arm.

Why Get A Pet Grooming Table For Your Home?

Every dog owners used dog grooming table and know the difficulties of grooming a dog because they do not like to be groomed. To make grooming enjoyable for your pet, you have to purchase a grooming table. It is because dog grooming tables offer comfort and convenience for dogs to get grooming happily.

How To Pick The Best Dog Grooming Tables?

When it comes to choosing a dog grooming table, you should consider certain aspects and shop around to find out the best one as per your needs. Always look for the strong and sturdy, which lets you feel confident while placing your pet on it. Ensure the table surface is equipped with non-slip surface to keep your dog safe and easier to clean. Choose a table that has rounded edges to prevent injury. Other Features like storage will depend on your dog size and space you have. Once you have found the best grooming table, it is very easy to groom your pet.

Benefits Of Dog Grooming Table

Dog grooming table is highly designed to be a part of the grooming process. The professional groomers mostly use this table. If you are thinking to purchase the best dog-grooming table for home use, then you have to consider its benefits before making any decision.

  • This table puts your dog automatically at the convenient height for grooming
  • It comes with non-slip surface for ensuring safety
  • As it is available in all shapes and size, you can buy one that offers better comfort for your dog
  • You can step on and step off the dog grooming table whether it is electric or hydraulic


Buying the best dog grooming table for your pet is a daunting task because of the availability of extensive options in the market. To lessen your shopping burden, make use of the things available in the above and it is a perfect decision to purchase a product from the above product description.

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