40+ Running Blogs To Follow In 2018

Are you sports fanatic? Do you like to read about a sports blogs and websites?

After doing very struggle and efforts we have find some great running and blogging list here, so that you can get a proper and good information regarding running news and information. There are lots of resources available on internet that will aware you about running whether you are a beginner runner or seasoned marathon runner.

Top Running Blogs To Follow

Well you are in the right place where you will know many more interesting things about running. Run Blogger is an option for you to explore different blocks related to a running where you can also find some additional benefits like advertisers, shoe discounts as well as shoe reviews. This blog is completely dedicated to people who would like to purchase different varieties of shoes when they are running. So if you are going to purchase so do follow this blog as this will help you to know about the different issues available in the market. You will definitely find this blog to be more interesting and fascinating.

Strength Running

Running is always a difficult task especially for the beginners and if you are one among them then Strength Running is something that motivates you a lot. Here you are going to experience coach programs, tools and resources, podcast as well as different blogs related to running. So you will get an experience to know about how to stay healthy and at the same time take up the competitions. Know about the different people who are much interested to get participated in running which is hen excellent options to learn many interesting things about the people as well as the runners all around the world.

The Hungry Runner Girl

The Hungry Runner Girl is a website that is led by a girl who would like to share your experiences as a runner. There are many interesting aspects covered here where one comes across workouts and recipes, race recipes, favorites, and many more. This is perhaps one of the most interesting and inspiring a blog where Janae the owner of the blog often posts very interesting things and inspires each and everyone. A complete journey for people who are more enthusiastic and interested to be part of running. Perhaps everyone will definitely enjoy being associated with this fascinating and fantastic blog.

Running Technique Tips

No matter what it is everyone would like to search for different tips and at the same time there are many people who are looking for alternative base and tips regarding running. Do not worry as the Running Technique Tips is here to assist you from time to time. No matter even if you are a beginner or an experienced person you will always find fabulous tips regarding running, training philosophy, different videos strength training and form drills. If you can regularly follow this then you will know how to become a professional runner within no time. People who have associated with this blog are always satisfied with it.

Dr Nick s Running Blog

A fascinated blog especially for the enthusiastic and energetic runners who would like to know more about running. The Drnicks Running Blog will clearly help you to understand about various running training programs, learn about the running shoe injuries, libraries as well as the deer reviews. All these are simply associated with writing where you can truly focus on things related to running and find a different way to get started being more fit and healthy. Each and every blog is very inspiring that will give you a better option to explore yourself. This blog will definitely inspire you to be the best Runner.

I Run Far

I Run Far is a perfect and best blog for someone who is looking to know about running. It is fully loaded with too many aspects that are covered by  Alex Nichols who is the world’s famous Runner. The blocked teaches you about runners profiles, train guide, reviews and many more interesting things. Your journey starts with this blog and eventually you will fall in love with it as this is simply an awesome website that also inspires each and everyone. Get yourself immersed in the beauty of running and you are more likely to enjoy professional experiences.

Lazy Girl Running

A pure and a perfect blog especially for girls who would like to make their life a perfect one by starting something interesting and new. And if you are one among them then you have to definitely follow Lazy Girl Running that will truly help you to know about the coaching, training guides, and will also experience running groups. You can very easily get interacted with various people All Around The World to know about online coaching and other guidelines. They are truly essential especially for beginners who would like to get an external support from professionals or experts.

No Meat Athlete

So far you have experienced things related to running and other nutritious plans that you have to follow. But the No Meal Athletic is purely meant to make you get benefited from the nutritious diet that you have to take on a regular basis especially if you would like to start running. You have cookbooks, groups, different recipes, resources and many more options to explore. All of them are put in one place where you can very easily find everything under one roof. There are thousands of people who are regularly following this blog in order to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet.

DC Rainmaker

A blog that is blended with product reviews, fantastic tips, race reports, travel options and blogs that will help you to understand about various aspects related to running. You can very easily become a part of DC Rainmaker where you will experience various posts that give you lots of information. The blog is perhaps a complete package involving the various aspects related to running and other things. There are also Some excellent tips that will help you to understand how deterministic you could be towards running. Everything is very unique and well arranged so as to make every individual understand the real things behind running.


Be a professional with the Running Physio a block that is fully filled with inspiring and motivational articles. The training Advisors provided here will help you to know about strength and conditions, various injury preventions, nutritious and supplements, advice from running coach John Feeney, and many more. Apart from that you also come across an option where you can very easily find a Physio near you. This will probably help you to get closer to running and you can also know some of the excellent diets, pros and cons associated with running. You will also enjoy getting associated with this website.

Meals and Miles

Meals and Miles a very interesting blog that will help you to balance both the meals and the miles. There are many people who do not know how to balance their body with nutritious supplements however this blog will help them to know how they should balance the air intake. Perhaps this could be an excellent option that will truly help them to inspire and also find better ways to lead a successful life. The different recipes and nutritious plans will have ever make every individual to get associated with this blogger. And of course everyone would like to enjoy getting associated with it.

Healthy Tipping Point

Healthy Tipping Point a well dedicated and focused website where you come across different recipes, race recaps, and many other interesting aspects. All of them then true that makes you feel more energetic and enthusiastic and perhaps you become more focused to take care of your health. Each and every day you come across different posts that will give you a real time experience of individual people. Caitlin Boyle the host of the blog is a very interactive person who always keeps you motivated. You will also find some inspiring and motivating blogs where you truly fall in love with it.

DRAFT Magazine

A bold and unique blog especially for men that gives you reduce regarding beers, recipes, beer guides, contests, subscriptions and many other things. This is really a professional blog that will truly inspire and every individual to get motivated and you also get focused on various things. Each and every blog is very interesting that is much more enhanced and fascinated. It covers almost every topic so that you will know various things related to different places, beer highlights, trending foods, recipes, spices and many more. All these are well blended to help you to understand the real concept of being healthy.

Believe in the Run

The runner should definitely have a perfect pair of shoes so that they can be more confident while they are a running car. Believe In The Run is such a block that will really give reviews regarding shoes, videos, races and gears. You also find an option to purchase shoes with reviews that will help you to analyse about various issues available in the market. This blog is completely dedicated to helping you understand various things that are especially concerned about running. It is too good to be true that the city is one of the inspiring blogs that covers various topics.

Jill Will Run

Jill is a distance runner who has set up Jill Will Run blog to help people understand various things related to running. This blog has also explored various things where you find product reviews, subscriptions and podcast. The interesting articles posted here will make you get closer to running. Well there are many people who are associated with this blog as they find this to be an interesting and motivating way to start up running and become professionals. You will truly enjoy getting associated with it and can also participate in various contests that are organised on a regular basis.

Old Man Running

Dedicated especially for young and energetic old man who are still on the pace to find a way thereby enhancing themselves. The Old Man Running is here to teach the basics of running where the 82 year old experienced man is running this blog since 44 years. This is something more inspiring and innovative for people to find themselves to be more active no matter what their age is. Each and every article posted will truly make them feel inspired and at the same time it motivates them. Start up the day with the inspiring and motivational article that keeps everyone to be more enthusiastic.

Feet Meet Street

An excellent and interesting blog that gives you product reviews regarding various products. Feet Meet Street will set your feet on your way to running where you can explore various things. This is perhaps an excellent wait for you to start up getting associated with running and can also explore various things. People will definitely love to be part of it and of course there are thousands and thousands of subscribers who eagerly wait for different posts so that they can very easily get connected with them. Perhaps each and every person associated with this blog will definitely love to experience something more unique and interesting.


Well as the name specifies No Limits Ever is the most popular and famous blog. If you are a beginner then you would probably find lots of coachings, various results, health benefits and many others no matter even if you are a beginner or experienced person. This will have ever help you to secrets behind being healthy and finding different resources as a Runner. It is too good to be true that this is one of the most popular Ultra running blog on the web today. So you will definitely love getting associated with it. More over this will also give you lots of information that makes you feel satisfied.

Runs for Cookies

Runs for cookies is the best option for people who would like to reduce weight. It is infected truly that losing weight is really tough but here you can lose more than 100lbs this is absolutely true when you participate in running. This website makes sure that you become part of them so that you can very easily get motivated and lose weight in a safe away. There are many runners who can run even faster than marathon distance but the ultimate aim is to get fit. This could be possible only if you have strong determination and someone who can take you to your destination safely.

Runner s Luck

Meet different people at the Runner’s Lucky, one place where you are more likely to experience people who are enthusiastic in order to stay healthy. Here you will find different ways of you can keep yourself more Fit by following some excellent tips and ideas that too very help you to turn yourself. When you reach the website you will find many interesting aspects such as races, cali or bust, valentine’s card swap and so on. You can very easily navigate through the website that will give you more inspiration to know how you can be more active all the day.

The Bull Runner

The Bull Runner is also an interesting website where you can also in running. You find many interesting aspects such as magazines, events that are taking place all over the world, running 10 one and many more. Just go through the website as this will clearly help you to understand how people are crazy about running. They also celebrate lots of events where you can also be a part of it. It’s more interesting and will also help you to understand how you can enjoy yourself where you can also experience swimming, bike racers, yoga and other sports that will make you to experience the zeal of life.

Running With The Girls

If you are searching for the best website that will create interest in yourself so that you can get motivated to start running, Running With The Girls is one of the excellent bloggers. You come across many interesting articles where you can also be a part of with subscribing to the website. The homepage will display you with medical kit, playlist, why do I run? And many more things so that you can go and know about each one of them. Every time a new article is posted you will find something more informative and at the same time that will help you to know what is happening around you.


Here is another interesting blog Rameshon where you are going to find three runners from Flexifitness, Darren, Mariviv Tan and Ruben Loganathan. They are the best trainers who will help the individuals to understand how well it could be if they can follow this blog. Get inspired by the latest publications or articles that will truly help you to feel more excited. You will come across a many feedbacks and interesting aspects that will always help you to understand how capable you are. Just to visit the website and you will perhaps experience something more unique and different.


Run To The Finish will also make you feel crazier as you will know many aspects regarding running. It will also teach you how to start running, improve your nutritious diet, sharing your products, and here you can also find communities where you can join with people to have friendly conversations regarding running. This is an excellent website that will teach you each and everything that you should know before you could actually start being a part of fitness among which running is an excellent option. You are also going to find recipes and reviews that will help you to understand how well you can know about this website.


All the interesting aspects are put together so that you will know everything that revolves around running. Perhaps Area Voices is one such excellent blogger that will help you to find a network of contributors along with freelancer writing, multimedia Producers and photography dedicated to production as well as curating unique content. All these are put under one roof so that you will know that making content marketing please really very easy that also help you to focus on two different aspects related to it.  This is a something more inspiring and will also help you to enjoy your expectations.

Chi Running

A complete package of running is perhaps the Chi Running a fresh startup free trials to enjoyed a running. Here you are going to experience all the different aspects that are truly helpful for you especially if you are a beginner. Know about the website in detail as this will give you different options to explore and get satisfied. You can also purchase different packages that will help you to determine how when you can be focused on running. Even the certified instructors will also help you to know how you can be a part of running and will clearly give you all specifications regarding it.

NC Runner Dude's Blog

The RunnerDuke’s is perhaps one of the most attractive and appealing blogs that will help the individuals to find different things related to running. This blog will clearly help you to find workouts for runners, running as well as fitness tips, tips of the week achieve, reach your audience and so on. All these will make you feel interesting where you can truly become a right companion to it. Surely you will get inspired knowing about different things and how you can motivate yourself. You will come across many events where you can also be a part of it and no more about running.

Fat Girl to Ironman

People who are interested in different sports activities such as swimming, running and cycling can probably find Fat Girl to Iron man as one of the excellent bloggers. Here you will be experiencing lots of blogs that will really make you feel more fascinated about sports and other activities. Moreover, you will also know about the nutrition and diet that you have to follow in order to make yourself more fit and healthy. Apart from that, this is a website with wide range of access ability to different games that are available for each and every individual.


AnnaTheApple is the life of a girl who is more fascinated about apples as well as the running. This website will truly help you to find different ways to be more healthy and at the same time make you concentrate on fitness and other aspects related to it. You will be truly satisfied with the nutritious diets that can be a part of your health secrets. Do follow this website on a regular basis as this will clearly help you to be more focused on things related to fitness. This is included with reviews, training sessions along with blogs that give you supplements and nutritious aspects.

Run Steff Run

If you are more fascinated about running then Run Steff Run a website is truly dedicated to you. Experience upcoming races, discount codes, product reviews, and the Pittsburgh running blogger. All these are well appended so as to give you more information to make you more health conscious and goal oriented. Regularly you will be updated with new blogs that will help you to concentrate on what you are doing. Very easily you can be a part of the race where you enjoy every second while on the run. So get started knowing about the website and be a part of it.

Fitness Fatale

There are many people who are crazier and truly interested in fitness. Even you might be one among them searching for the best fitness website however your search ends at FitnessFatale a perfect guide for you to make you reach the goal on time. You are going to experience different recipes, blogs, fixed resources, and few more. Find yourself lost in the experience of joining challenges that often encourage you to participate in it. Perhaps each and every event has its own meaning however it is your responsibility to choose the best event that you can get satisfied participating in it.

605 Running Co

The 605 Running is an excellent service where you have a chance to meet different people from all around the world. This is perhaps considered as a business that is specially constructed on a community-based foundation. The one and only in of this website is to enhance the running community a locally on and also operates specialty outfitter. This will really help you to be more fascinated where you also come across the different training sessions and programs as well. Each of the blog postings here will help you to understand how deterministic you could be. And there are many people who are truly fascinated to know more especially from this website.


It’s time for you to focus on one of the excellent blogs like Kooky Runner as here you are going to find different topics related to running, food, fitness as well as functions. You can very easily share your own experience where you can also become a part of the website. This will surely make you feel more excited and you will probably enjoy accompanied by it. There are many events that often take place where every individual is given an opportunity to participate. About everything it is a place where all the runners can discuss various topics that may be regarded as anything.

My Heart Races

Well, there are many people who are truly more fascinated about running and they don’t know how to cover each and every aspect. If you are one among them then do not worry as ‘my hear traces blog’ is a one-stop solution for all such things. Here you will know more about races, fashion, travel, shopping experience, and many more fascinating things. All these will make you feel excited and you will perhaps find different ways how you can very easily relate to each of them. Beyond everything, you can also share your experiences as this could be the best way to get connected with the world.

Sparkly Runner

Brothers are always enthusiastic so as the Sparkly Runner. The experience shared here will truly help each and every runner to find alternatives to get connected with people who love running. Perhaps you can also experience different races, learn about running injuries, dopey challenges and much more. If you are new to running then this blog is truly essential for you. It is perhaps the most fascinating blogger where you are going to find something beyond expectations. You can go through different aspects that will help you to understand the basic differentiation existing between different blogs. Just go through the blogs as this will give you more knowledge.

Naked Nutrition

Particularly there are few blogs dedicated to making you feel your health conscious which is blended with nutritious aspects. NKD nutrition is one such place where you will find different proteins, supplements as well as recipes with useful information. This will perhaps give you a wide range of exposure to the world of nutrition where you can also purchase products that will boost up your energy levels. You can also grab an opportunity to enjoy free shipping on orders that you placed making use of this website. The training tips are also beneficial for you as you are more likely to know about the pros and cons associated with it.


Even though there are many sports websites Sports Spyder will give you beyond everything where there is even chance to find your team in a variety of games. The games include basketball, football, various sports Premium Leagues, and so on. If you are more interested to know about any sports then you can very easily follow the blog as this will help you to find the right way to reach any sports. Experience the news of sports along with tweets everything under one roof. It is not only restricted to a particular country but covers various parts of the world.

Ali On The Run

Most of the runners are always familiar Ali On The Run Blog as this is one of the fascinating blogs that give the exact information related to running. Perhaps you can also a read many news articles and you can also post your own experience so that people can learn something different and new from your articles. Furthermore, you will also find race recaps, podcast, and few other. Everything is true to make you more enthusiastic so that you can very easily relate yourself to the activities that you do that could be running or any other physical activity.

Taking the Long Way Home

This particular blog is a not only related to running but you find different aspects related to your fitness. Stay connected with Taking Long Way Home as this will help you to get a producer with the world of yoga, running, and many other activities. Go through the various options available among which you can browse the different articles to know about races taking place all around the world, weekly wraps, book clubs and so on. The experience you share also matters a lot and you really find this to be the best blog ever. Beyond everything, you get to know about yourself.

Running Miles

Some people are more enthusiastic and interested in group physical activities among which Running Miles is one among them. Following this blog will easily help you to get connected with them where you can also follow the website and also make use of notifications that makes you get connected to the website via Facebook. So if you are passionate about running then you can truly participate in friendly events that are aimed at giving preference to both regular Marathon runners as well as the training towards various running races. Go through the feedback as they are very much essential to know about the blog.


All the sports are put together in the Data Sport blog as this is a truly intended to help you to know about various Sports. Get yourself related to all the events that take place so that you can also be a part of it.  This is perhaps an excellent idea that will give you a broadway to enhance yourself. Always stay connected and do follow the blogs as well as the posts that will give you a better experience and be doing about each of them. Prepare yourself and get enhanced with all the sports and activities that directly connects you to the world.

Phnom Penh International maraton

No doubt the Phenomenon Marathon is the best event gathering blog where you will know about the event information, travel and tour, charities, race results, news and much other information. All these are truly focused to help you to understand how deterministic people are especially when it is about running race. Perhaps you can enjoy being part of these events that will truly help you to get close with each event. At the same time, you can learn many things as they are truly essential to keep you more focused on your running. This is a wonderful opportunity where you also have a chance to meet International as well as a national runner.

Zugspitz Ultratrail

Zugspitze Ultrtrail is a very informative and successful blog that covers various things related to physical activities. Explore the world of activities that includes various programs, training sessions, expo area, verpflegung and so on. Explore and know about everything that has been placed in this blog as this will give you various ways to experience running. There are many people who have successfully participated in the events and are always happy to be part of it. All being said this is always a very fresh and inspiring way to listen people saying different things related to running.

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